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Anon' Estepona 2015"

"I visited your temple late one afternoon just a few years ago. Times were tough for me and my business at the time. I was nervous and as always thinking of work and stressed out. Within about 15 mins Amanda you had relaxed me just through conversation. Coming out of the shower with only a silk around my waist I was a little sheepish, though not normally a person concerned about nudity on a one to one basis. The Tantric massage was amazing. Your guidance through breathing and relaxing were like a balm to my stress. I sank deeper into a state of calmness and "not thinking or worrying". By the time I got back to Estepona port I was completely buzzing on several levels, and per your advice maintained celibacy for a week and the feeling continued, grew and deepened. What an amazing experience. To this day I can vividly remember how I felt. My only problem afterwards - due to business etc - was that I could not return. I now live in England (though Im Irish) and still think about those couple of hours of intense relaxation that I have never before or since discovered. If I get the opportunity to visit the south of Spain again you can guarantee that I will try to make another appointment.,,,"

"J.R. Estepona"

" I just wanted to say a big 'thank you' for introducing me to Tantra last night. I was nervous about what to expect, but the moment I met you I felt at ease. Your energy and positivity is truely amazing and made my whole experience so wonderfully sensual, re-energising and confidence boosting. I have not been able to stop thinking about the whole experience since I walked out your door almost in a dream state. You have a rare talent, and I would love to have further sessions with you to learn and understand  more about Tantra"   J.R. Estepona

"J.B. West Cork"

"I must admit to being quite aprehensive, prior to the appointment for my first experience. In fact, I have had almost no exposure to anything 'alternative' in my life! The benefits of Tantra have interested me for many months, but it took time to pluck up the courage!  Your website looks re-assuring, showing great testimonials, but one can never be too sure... Well, here I am, one week after my first Tantra massage and I can't thank you enough Amanda for the wonderful experience that it was. You were so relaxed,  warm, respectful and informative, that I was immediately put at ease. I was able to receive the benefits of the massage to the full.  Afterwards, I felt much more aware of myself, physically and mentally,  stronger and with lifted spirits - not bad in these times!  The feeling was quite intense for several days and even now, I feel somehow different. I look forward to your next visit to Dublin and so does my partner!  Thanks again, it was well worth the journey. You're very special"    J.B. West Cork

" R and O CORK DEC 2011"

"Thank you so much for a fantastic day spent with you, we are both still buzzing (but in a very calm and relaxed way) That was absolutely fantastic, we were both blown away with the whole thing, and both hope we can meet you again soon..." R and O CORK DEC 2011

" B.C. DUBLIN NOV 2011"

"I would like to say thank you for the experience of Tantra. The effects of the massage lasted for a few days. After I left you, I was walking to the car park and it felt like a dream" B.C. DUBLIN NOV 2011


"Thanks for an amazing experience.. I'm still buzzing after it..." J.C. DUBLIN MARCH 2011

" G.B. CORK Jan 2011 "


"I was lethargic, depressed, just carrying every day life... After my first visit, I want to thank you for the energy, education, understanding and care shown in my visit. I not only got re-vitalised, calm, and confident, but my mind got some healing too...from relaxation and talk after. You are a very special lady. I thank you and look forward to your next time in Cork....." G.B. CORK Jan 2011

"D and J DUBLIN NOV 2010 "

"We have to say a big ‘Thank You’, Amanda, - following a few sessions with you, our lives have been transformed. The happiness and joy we’ve received from the wholesome real experience of Tantra with you, is amazing. You allowed us to feel at ease, so naturally. You have that caring, unconditional approach, carried out professionally with energy and positivity. We are looking forward to our next meeting soon. Kindest Regards,"D and J DUBLIN NOV 2010

" E. KILDARE NOV 2010 "

"I have an interest in many different areas of personal health, personal energy and alternative holistic healing. Tantra massage came across my path when I was looking for a way to re-energise and renew myself both mentally and physically. I found Tantra through yoga and whilst open to most new experiences in life I did not expect to be so rewarded. I followed my enquiries up with research and thought I would like to experience something, which promised so much. In brief it was the most sensual, re-energising, vitalising, confidence boosting and wholesome experience I have had in years. A truely magnificent experience, where you get to celebrate yourself as a man, and live with this feeling for monthsa fterwards. Through this new and positive personal energy, you will begin to attract more of the same in your life! If you are looking for fulfilment… this is certainly something I would recommend. Amanda is very easy to work with and has a special gift for you. Enjoy!" E. KILDARE NOV 2010

" A.G. DUBLIN JULY 2010 "

"Just wanted to thank you for the amazing tantric massage you gave me yesterday. Before I met you I was feeling a bit down and also depressed as well with a lack of energy, but yesterday straight after the massage I felt happy and now I have a smile on my face and energized. I feel like a new human being and the person I always wanted to feel like, in connection with my body. Only after the massage, everything you had told me about tantra made sense and I never knew how powerful tantra and combining breathing with touch could be, as I experienced the single most greatest feeling of sensation through body I have ever had. I want to thank you for opening the world of tantra to me and for showing me how I can pleasure myself while keeping the energy within my body. I am normally shy but from the moment I met you I felt at ease and had a strong connection with you as if I had known you for years and the way you conducted the session was amazing, making the experience extra special." 

" A. DUBLIN . July 2010 "

"Thank you for 2 hours of pure bliss! From the moment the session began I was in heaven. I could feel your energy running through me, and I can still feel it 2 days later! It seems to have cleared blockages and opened up pathways in my body on many levels. I had already been doing work in this regard and the session seems to have brought me to a new level." 
A. DUBLIN . July 2010

" P.C. CORK "




"Such a great experience meeting you today - it was most definitely one of the most special moments that I've had for a long time. From the first minute, you managed to make me feel welcome and safe; you are so bright, friendly and outgoing that it's impossible to feel any other way except relaxed and happy. After only five minutes of talking, it felt like we knew each other a lot longer! The effort you made with the decoration of the room to create a temple certainly contributed to the sense of occasion and ritual. It also made the space feel like a safe and sensual area, both of us insulated from the outside world and its associated problems and pressures. As you said, Tantra is about the here and now and having a dedicated area really contributes to focusing on this. The massage was absolutely fantastic. I am still so full of energy, positive feelings and goodwill to everyone that I can't believe it. My spirit is so lifted that life is really good right now!" P.C. CORK

" M.H. CORK June 2010 "

"I want to thank you for a most exhilarating and mind blowing experience on Thursday. You are a beautiful and caring person, very thoughtful and reassuring. Thanking you and still full of "energy". 
M.H. CORK June 2010


“Amanda, we truly feel you are one of the unique people in life which has a strong impact and very positive affect on us. Words cannot thank you for your hospitality, education, and friendship. We hope to meet again and enjoy what life has provided us. The best to you in your business, travels, and journey in life.”       J & T  Andalucia 2017



" M.R. CORK JUNE 2010 "

“Thank you very much for a lovely time, You are a lovely person, I feel amazing, I cannot wait for your next visit to Cork," M.R. CORK JUNE 2010

" P. DUBLIN Nov 09 "

"..many thanks for the session..I enjoyed it immensley, you are a great Tantric teacher.." 
P. DUBLIN Nov 09

" S. CORK "

"I feel amazing, thank you - feel so fresh I could walk for miles on end - thank you ever so much" 




"Thank you very much for your wonderful massage this evening. I can certainly give testimony that my energy level is still high at midnight despite my early morning this morning. It was a lovely experience yet again . . . . "P. DUBLIN


"I can honestly say I've never experienced anything as relaxing or sensual in my life as those 2 hours with you this morning. I left a much more confident man than when I arrived. Thank you so much for making me feel that way." S. DUBLIN


"Thank you so much Amanda for a wonderful experience. Your beauty, manner and aura immediately put me at ease. I was in a very happy mood that evening :D.... My partner commented that I was "hyper" and we had a fantastic love-making session that evening and the next morning! Definitely the best sex we had had in a few months, so you definitely aroused my sexual energy. Thank you!..." F.P. GLASGOW.


"Hi Amanda - I just want to say a huge thank you for the most amazing couple of hours, I am now in Manchester and the 3 hour drive went by so quickly. I had the most serene smile on my face, and my mind was wizzing with new found knowledge. Thank you so much..... a huge thank you for your amazing treatment. My serene smile still comes back when I think of my masssage ......" 

" P. CORK "

"Just a short note to say Thank You for a wonderful and enjoyable experience on Tuesday. It really was fantastic........" P. CORK

" D and Y. DUBLIN "




"Just a quick note to thank you for Sunday evening. We both had an amazing time....." D and Y. DUBLIN

" S. CORK "


"This is just to record the fact that I am still reeling after the intensity of the massage session of earlier this week. It certainly was far more elemental and sensual than any I have previously experienced and I commend you for your commitment to give everything to the client........." S. CORK


"Hi Amanda,.... I would like to thank you for your gift of a Lomi Lomi Massage as you know I am an experienced traveller and professionally trained Tantra Massage Therapist who has had the good fortune to receive massage of all kinds in many different countries. I would highly recommend your Lomi Lomi massage for anyone wishing to receive a genuine massage with a sincere and dedicated professional therapist so that they can experience a true South Pacific Energy Flow. I closed my eyes and travelled to the Islands. ....... " J.R. GIBRALTAR

" K. F, Dublin, sept 2009 "

Once again you gave me a wonderful taste of tantric. Thank you. K. F, Dublin, sept 2009


After the massage, I look myself at the mirrow, and I was surprised how handsome I look. I really feel attractive. J.C, Cork,   April 2010

Just to say thanks again for the lovely massage yesterday, Guadalupe. It was really relaxing and I was totally at your mercy. I loved it and I think you gave me an inner orgasm because I was totally satisfied at the end even though I didn’t ejaculate. You are excellent at your work and I hope to visit you again sometime in the future. Thanks again.           P. G. Edinburgh,   March 2011

" P. G. Edinburgh, march 2011 "

L and I did a weekend Tantra Massage workshop for couples. Our intention was to learn a Tantra massage sequence we could give to each other, and to deepen our understanding and practice of Tantra. Amanda was an amazing host and teacher. Utterly respectful and passionate about passing on her knowledge and experience to us. She went above and beyond in tailoring the weekend instruction to our needs and we came away energised and excited to start practicing the rituals and massage sequence learned.

P and L   Costa De La Luz    8/9 April 2017


"Amanda has such a warm heart and attitude... she is very professional and passionate about what she does.  She does what she does from a pure heart and you can feel it through the sessions. I recommend to come if you feel there is deep blockages and barriers that you need to disolve and also to enjoy a beautiful, sacred and secure experince of being yourself"      M.  Cadiz  2019


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