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...rediscover your energy and inner peace

Astarte’is an ancient Goddess who rules over the spirits who live in the heavens as stars. Her image is most frequently seen on ancient seals or carvings, holding the sacred lotus in her hands…

...using the mediums of massage

At AstarteLife... using the mediums of massage, meditation, and personal or group workshops, incorporating the ancient arts of Tantric practice, we offer you the chance to rediscover your natural energy, and consciously use it to recharge your batteries and lower your stress levels, giving you a sense of awareness and well-being.

...we use the ancient arts of Tantric

At AstarteLife... we use the ancient arts of Tantric, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, and Holistic massage, breathing, meditation, yoga and movement, to reconnect with the energy of our bodies, enabling us to feel more in tune with ourselves and the world around us. Through the power of touch, massage, and breathing techniques, you can learn to awaken your inner energy and use it within your body in a more conscious way.

...rediscover your energy and inner peace

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Massages, Presentations, Seminars & Personal Development Workshops
Available In a Selection of European Locations
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In these times of crisis, we have a real need to draw on our inner strength, so at AstarteLife, we offer you the opportunity to do something for yourself